At MedMatchPlus+, we provide resources to International Medical Graduates, or IMGs, which are designed to help your ERAS (electronic residency application service) stand out from the pack. Our service is a supplement to the ERAS application, which helps give you a better chance of being noticed during the residency matching process.

Are You an IMG?

Many students have personal and financial reasons for choosing to study medicine outside of the United States. Although studies have shown that IMGs are as qualified as their American counterparts, international students typically face more obstacles when applying for a residency. This is why it is important to create a memorable application that will help you leave an impression.

Tips for Matching as an IMG

If you are an IMG, it’s vital that you study U.S. healthcare regulations, clinical case studies, and the atmosphere of the healthcare industry before you start applying. Once you feel confident in these areas, here are a few tips to help you when you are trying to match:

  • Take the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE) as soon as possible. Recent graduates are almost always preferred by program directors.
  • Be strategic in your choice of specialty. Research data on which specialties have higher percentages of IMGs and focus on one of those areas.
  • Participate in an observership in the U.S. This is a good way to boost your resume through clinical experience, and many medical associations offer them to IMGs. This will also help you improve your understanding of the U.S. healthcare system while offering you the opportunity to network with other medical professionals.

Interview Tips as an IMG

The most important thing when preparing for an interview is to be presentable. Your education and experience will carry the most weight, but having a well-kept appearance, getting a good night’s sleep, and dressing for the interview will help you make a first impression that can be the difference in being accepted into the residency program. You should also spend time researching potential interview questions online. Practice your answers out loud. You may want to have a friend ask you the questions and give you feedback on your answers, or even videotape yourself so that you can see if you are coming across as confident and knowledgeable. It may also help to find someone who has already been accepted into the residency to mentor you on the interview questions.

How to Stand Out

To make your ERAS application stand out, create a video supplement with MedMatchPlus+. The video will help to humanize you, putting a face with the name. You’ll want to keep your video less than a minute in length, so focus on what sets you apart. Watch a few sample videos and read FAQs on how to improve your video, then write a script or practice in the mirror until you feel comfortable. Remember, confidence is important!

If you are completing your ERAS and want to take advantage of our International Medical Graduate resources, then sign up with MedMatchPlus+ today.

“ERAS” is a trademark of AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges).