Why MedMatchPlus+

The hard work of medical school pays off during the Match, when a mathematical algorithm based on rank order lists places applicants into residency and fellowship programs. For applicants, there are dates to track, applications to create and submit, and programs to research. Adding MedMatchPlus+ to the matching process allows applicants to create a supplemental profile to put a face on their applications. For coordinators, the Dashboard allows for better organization of applicant lists and minimizes the time it takes to sift through applications. There’s even a “favorites” button to mark outstanding candidates.

About MedMatchPlus

Getting into residency programs is increasingly difficult, especially for international medical graduates. MedMatchPlus+ is designed to overcome the stereotypes often associated with international students, humanizing the applicant for coordinators and showcasing the unique skillset of the individual. For coordinators, we offer a secure database of applicants, to reduce the enormous burden of organization and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

For Candidates – How It Can Help

For residency candidates, our team offers tips for creating a multi-media profile that includes video, images, and a narrative. These resources tell your story in a compelling way, helping to show coordinators a well-rounded picture of what you bring to a program. Once you’ve created your profile, simply select your residency programs, click “Apply,” and your application package will be sent. By including video, images, and multimedia, we create a profile that humanizes and individualizes your application, providing a mini-interview opportunity that allows the coordinator to see you as a person, rather than just another application.

View a Sample Candidate Video Below

For Coordinators – How It Can Help

When sifting through hundreds of applications, it’s nearly impossible to tell, based on GPA and accomplishments alone, who will be the best match for a given program. Personality, tone, and communication all come into play when building an effective team. So, for coordinators, we offer the Dashboard, an organized database where you can view all your applicants in one spot. You can favorite strong candidates to further organize your list, saving you time and effort.

MedMatchPlus+ in the Matching Process

How does MedMatchPlus+ fit into the matching process? Applicants and coordinators create accounts on our secure site. For applicants, the MedMatchPlus+ supplemental profile adds compelling multimedia and narrative to their ERASĀ® application, improving their chances in the application process. For coordinators, the Dashboard database not only provides a more detailed look at each candidate but also allows for better organization and communication, helping to ensure the best possible opportunity at creating an effective team for the program.

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