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Preparing for interview day

A few days prior to the interview, we would recommend printing out information regarding each of the faculty members at the residency program you could potentially be interviewing with. If you have your schedule before hand, that is a huge benefit however if you do not, you are not at a disadvantage. We would read a few of the faculty member’s bios and try to remember each of their names. Knowing one or two small pieces of information about your interviewers could really help you out in the long run. Make sure to take note these pieces of information to review later. This would give you the benefit of asking really pointed questions about the program and/or interviewers. The night prior, run through your CV again and also a few of the interview questions that you are guaranteed to receive – Ex. Why do you want to come to our residency program? How did you become interested in Internal Medicine (or the multitude of other specialties). It is very important to know these extremely well

Key to survival

Get a good nights sleep! This will be your friend for a long interview day ahead.

Interview day

That morning be sure to eat something small for breakfast – granola bar, small yogurt – even if breakfast is provided at the interview. During this time, run through your notes about the faculty of the residency program you are interviewing with. We would also recommend running through your CV and questions again.

Arriving at the residency program

Deep breath! You will do fine because you have been preparing! Take a few slow deep breaths as you walk into the program’s office. Try to clear your mind and keep positive thoughts flowing. Try to think about highlights on your application you’d like to discuss during the interview – Research projects, Volunteer experience, or anything else you feel that is pertinent.


Follow up with the coordinator and staff via letter/thank you note. Explain why you enjoyed your visit with specifics. You could include a picture of yourself so that you are easily remembered.


Good luck with your interviews!

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