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Timeline for the 2018 Match – April, May, and June – Like all successful stories, they begin with preparation.

If you are about to start your 4th year of med school, now is the time to plan out your year to make yourself competitive for the 2018 Match! There will be over 5000 IMGs that do not match next year. Preparation to keep yourself out of that number starts now – Below are some ideas that will help you get organized for the next few months.

  1. Set up your dates for Step 2 CK and CS – Programs start to review files in September. If you have completed your exams and have passed them, you will have an advantage when it comes to getting an interview. Programs do not like to invite applicants until all of their information is complete. You have a better chance the earlier you have your prerequitisties completed.
  2. Set up meaningful rotations at institutions you are interested in being a resident. This means calling the program/student coordinators and asking not only if there are available spots but if there are spots available with important people like those on the residency committees. Try to set up AI rotations on months when program directors or key clinical faculty are rotating. If you don’t ask for these details, no one will give them to you.
  3. Start evaluating your own weaknesses – if you have any issues with your files, now is the time to fix them. Get meaningful letters of recommendations from meaningful people. Follow up with your letter writers to make sure they are still willing to write you effective letters. Ask around and see who are great letter writers and hone in on them. Try to get letters from staff with important credentials (Chairman, Program Directors, etc).

In summary, preparation is key!

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