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IMGs face an uphill battle to match. Putting a face to your supplemental application should be one of your most important priorities. The following are a few tips our team has put together to help your video stand out to the national US residency programs.

What Equipment Should I Use to Record My Video?

While you can use any video recording equipment to make your video for your supplemental application, the easiest and most accessible method is to use the recording device on your computer, on your tablet, or even on your phone. Most of these devices shoot perfectly good high definition video. The video should be less than a minute in length and smaller than 150 MB. Test the different recording features on your device to determine which will allow you to record the highest quality video profile while remaining within the upload limit.

Should I Write a Script for My Video?

Some people may feel more comfortable writing and memorizing a script, while others prefer working from an outline. Remember, the point is that you feel relaxed and appear professional while letting your personality shine through—so keep it simple. Review the sample videos to get inspiration for how to appeal to IMG friendly resident programs. Hobbies can help coordinators get an idea of what kind of person you are. If you run marathons, you have stamina. If you play the piano, you have a certain sensitivity. Hobbies are indicators of what kind of doctor you might be and can paint a helpful picture of who you are as a person. If you speak several languages, it’s a good idea to mention this. Speaking several languages can be a great asset, especially for those wanting to match in large cities with multicultural communities. Are you interested in matching in a small town? A big city? Are you flexible? State what kind of working situation you are interested in and why.

What Should I Wear?

Anything from business casual to business formal is appropriate. Again, you should appear comfortable, so if business casual is more “you,” then choose that option. As for colors, blues, greens, grays, and earth tones all work great for a video profile. Avoid close, high-contrast pinstripes, corduroy, and herringbone. Women should avoid busy prints, patterns, and reds and oranges. Dark-skinned people should avoid wearing white or very light colors, and extremely light-skinned people should avoid black or very dark clothing.

Do I Need to Use Lights?

You do not need to “light” your video profile. However, you should keep in mind how you position yourself in relationship to the camera and a light source. Note how the two models are placed in the sample videos. Both of them face a well-lit window. This is the ideal setup. Avoid having the light source behind you as it will cause a silhouette. It’s best to photograph yourself in several locations using the camera you will use to record your video. Choose the location and light setup that makes you look your best.

Should I Be Standing or Seated? How Should I Frame Myself?

It doesn’t matter whether you stand or sit. Choose the position that is most comfortable for you so that you don’t fidget.

If you are filming with a phone or tablet, make sure to turn it sideways so that you will be filming in “landscape.” Frame yourself in a medium shot. That is, the bottom of the frame should cut across the chest, and there should be a little bit of room in the frame above your head. Choose a neutral background and look carefully for anything “ugly” in the frame. Does the plant behind you look as if it’s growing out of your head? Move it. Is the background too busy? Change locations. Sometimes little things can distract the viewer from what you are saying, so look carefully and remove anything distracting from of the frame.

Do I Need Special Audio Recording Equipment?

No. You can use the audio that your device captures. However, you will want to stand as close as you can to the device while maintaining a good frame in order to get good audio. Keep background noise to a minimum. As you are recording, ask those around you to remain quiet. Turn off stereos and the TVs in other rooms. Make sure that you are not causing an echo. Smaller rooms tend to produce less echo. Speak clearly and in a strong voice. Articulate and avoid mumbling.

How Can I Give a Good Performance?

Be relaxed and professional. If you are nervous, your voice may shake. To avoid this, do several rounds of deep breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do a vocal warm-up exercise by singing your favorite tune very loudly. You may feel silly, but these exercises will relax you, warm up your voice, and keep the shakiness to a minimum. Most non-performers get better with repetition. Record as many takes as you need to get it right. Ask a friend or a family member to help you choose the best take. Take your time to get it right. While recording, avoid nervous tendencies like playing with your hair, jewelry, or clothing. Introduce yourself in the beginning and thank your audience with a smile at the end.

Can I Change My Video Later?

Absolutely! Simply click “Edit Profile” then “Upload New Video.” This will open the Upload Media Dialog Box. Click “Choose File,” then select your file and click “Upload File.” Your new video profile file will replace the old one.

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In summary, stand out!

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