Rank List Submission

  1. Submitting the rank list is a stressful exercise.
    • Do I list the programs that I am most likely to get into?
    • Or the ones I like the most?
  2. If the program you want is also the most likely you are to get, then the choice is easy- rank that program first and then prioritize the other programs based on where you want to be second, third, etc.
  3. It is more challenging if the program you really want is one you are less likely to get. In this scenario, you should always rank the program you really want first. If you rank a less competitive program ahead of the more competitive programs, you are likely to be higher on the rank list of the less competitive program and will end up with that as your match instead of the more competitive program.
    • For example, you are a student at a small university program where you are doing well and everyone knows you and you feel like you have a strong chance of matching but you did a rotation at a very competitive IVY league program and you really want that program.
  4. You are more likely to be higher on the state program rank list than the IVY league rank list. The IVY league rank list will have many competitive students and you may be way down on their list.
  5. If you place the state program as your first choice and are in their top groupings (which is very likely), you will match there and not even give yourself the opportunity to possibly match at the other program. If you place the more competitive program higher, you will at least have an opportunity even if you are lower on their list because many of their top applicants may match into other programs (because those students will be competitive and high on multiple lists) and your number may come up. In this scenario, you will not lose your position at the less competitive program because you will still be in their top group.
  6. In summary, rank the place you want to be first!

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