The residency application process is inherently stressful for medical students. However, knowing a few key pieces of information can help you get the MedMatchPlus+ Edge.

Application Timeline

Most programs start interviewing candidates in October and go until early February. Therefore, September is a busy time for programs. It’s when they receive large influxes of applications to fill their early dates.

To be considered for an interview, you need a completed residency application. This includes a full complement of letters of recommendation and test scores for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) or the COMLEX (Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination). For the USMLE, steps 1 and 2, including CS and CK portions, should be complete.

Application Tips

  1. Schedule the CS and CK exams early enough that your scores are back by September 1. Completed applications always get priority, and you are generally competing against fewer people early in the interview season.
  1. Take a business professional picture to accompany your application. No selfies and no stethoscopes!
  1. Create a separate email address for application season. This way you will not accidentally miss any emails that may go to junk or spam folders. (However, remember to periodically check your junk and spam folders, just in case). Make sure your email address is professional—something along the lines of or
  1. If you did a rotation at a hospital, you should definitely apply there. If you did not do a rotation at a hospital, or your rotation was outside of the United States, MedMatchPlus+ can help you identify IMG (international medical graduate) friendly programs.
  1. Create a video profile with MedMatchPlus+. Our services can help your file get noticed by the program coordinators and residency programs.

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