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Why Choose MedMatchPlus?

Finding a residency can be difficult for medical students, especially those who have studied outside of the United States. Residency Coordinators receive a high volume of residency applications, and creating a profile that stands out from the crowd can be a challenge. MedMatchPlus+ can help improve your chances of being paired with a program on Match Day.

What is MedMatchPlus+?

MedMatchPlus+ is a supplemental profile that is submitted in addition to the traditional ERAS® application. We use video, pictures, and a personal narrative to give your application an edge. By helping your ERAS® application stand out, you improve your chances of being called for an interview and, ultimately, being matched with a residency program. Medmatchplus+ will be used by multiple residency programs this application year in Louisiana, and we are set to demo at many other institutions around the country!
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Why Use MedMatchPlus+?

Each year, almost half of IMG residency applicants will not be matched with a program, according to ECFMG®. By using MedMatchPlus+ to supplement your application, you are taking a proactive approach to getting yourself noticed. Your profile will be more personal, allowing you to communicate your qualifications in a vibrant and memorable way.

How Does It Work?

Build your supplemental profile will these three easy steps:

1. Create Your Profile

Use our Candidate Resources to create a winning profile that will help you have a better chance of matching with a residency program. Create an introductory video, write your compelling personal narrative, and add photos that will put a face to your application.

2. Send Your Application

We are connected to a network of thousands of residency programs all across the United States. Search for the hospital, program, or specialty that best suits you, purchase application credits, and then click Apply.

3. Find Your Match

Once you've sent your application, we send your personal profile to the residency programs you're interested in.

Don't let the limited residency opportunities slip out of your grasp. If you're ready to get noticed, sign up to create your MedMatchPlus+ profile today.

Improve Your Chances of Matching in 3 Easy Steps

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Create Your Profile

Including Video, Personal Narrative and Photos. 1
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Submit Your Profile

To thousands of programs throughout the country. 2

Stand Out

To the residency program of your dreams. 3
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Candidate Resources

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