MedMatchPlus+ for Residency Candidates

With thousands of medical school graduates competing for residency programs each year, every advantage can make a difference. At MedMatchPlus+, we provide an extra avenue for getting noticed. Through our program, you can add a video and photos to your profile, helping you stand out from the crowd.

The Matching Process

Medical students must follow a time-sensitive process for applying to residency programs. To be considered, you must apply through ERAS®, the electronic residency application service. Interviews with program coordinators typically take place between October and February. Only individuals with completed residency applications can be interviewed, and coordinators looking for the right match will review the complete package. Be sure to include everything that’s required, including your grades, test scores, CV, personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

The entire process runs on matching algorithms. An attempt is made to match an applicant to his or her most preferred program. If the applicant can’t be matched to the first choice, then an attempt is made to match the applicant with the second choice. The algorithm keeps going until a tentative match is found. It’s tentative because a more qualified candidate can come in to win the bid as the matching process continues.

Medical Student Residency Match Process - MedMatchPlus+

What is MedMatchPlus+?

At MedMatchPlus+, we let you put a face to your official ERAS® application. With us, you can create a supplemental, personalized profile, complete with videos, an image gallery, and a personal narrative. Through our service, residency coordinators who receive your application can find out more about you beyond your official documents. A MedMatchPlus+ profile humanizes your application, letting you stand out better from the rest of the applicants.

Why Use MedMatchPlus+?

Savvy candidates come to us to get noticed. As a supplement to the existing process, we provide a face and voice for you. Our team is dedicated to helping you throughout your residency matching journey. We know how challenging the road can be, and we’re here to offer an avenue that lets you express yourself more fully to program coordinators. We exist to help you improve your chances.

Candidate Steps

The first step is to create your supplemental profile. Add as much information as you like. This is your opportunity to share who you are and help program coordinators get to know you better. Next, purchase the credits needed to send your supplemental profile to the programs you’re interested in. Finally, send your profile to the coordinators of these residency programs. It’s that simple. If you need any assistance through the steps, we’re here for you.

Candidate Resources


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Why Med Match Plus?

You’re more than an application and name. Our unique platform allows you to showoff your achievements AND your personality. Med Match Plus is the interview before the interview.

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Create Your Profile

Add professional photos, a video introduction and personal narrative.

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Submit Your Application

Our systems is linked to thousands of residency programs throughout the U.S. Simply search for the program, specialty or hospital and click “Apply.”


Get Matched

To the residency program of your dreams.

Once submitted, we send your personal profile straight to residency coordinators at the programs you've chosen.

The Extras

Our Candidate Resources are here to help you match to your top choices.

We offer pointers on how to secure that essential residency interview, using information and examples provided by doctors and residency coordinators.

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