MedMatchPlus+ for Residency Coordinators

Finding the perfect residency candidate for your program can be a challenge. It might be easy to identify a short list of qualified candidates based on credentials, but these accolades don’t necessarily provide any insights as to who the candidates are in real life and if their personality fits with your program. That’s where MedMatchPlus+ can help. We’re a supplemental service through which students applying to your program can submit videos and other materials that let you put a face to a candidate name. Here’s what you need to know about MedMatchPlus+ for Residency Coordinators.

The Matching Process

MedMatchPlus+ doesn’t replace the electronic residency application service (ERAS®). When you rank your applications during the NRMP matching process, those who have a MedMatchPlus+ profile offer additional information that assists in your decisions regarding interview selections. Our profiles allow you to evaluate candidates prior to contacting them for interviews and before the algorithm matches you with candidates.

What is MedMatchPlus+?

MedMatchPlus+ is a supplemental application profile that allows students engaged in the NRMP to include additional information with the mandatory application they submit through ERAS®. The MedMatchPlus+ profile comprises a video profile and interview, a narrative, personal information, a gallery of images, and other interesting information the student chooses to include for consideration. Students can then send their MedMatchPlus+ to the residency programs in which they are most interested. These profiles are specially designed to provide a more comprehensive picture of both the applicant’s strengths and who they are as a person, highlighting areas that aren’t necessarily visible through ERAS® alone.

Why MedMatchPlus+?

We know interview spots are scarce. MedMatchPlus+ allows coordinators to virtually meet the candidates you’re interested in before giving away a limited interview spot. And, not only does MedMatchPlus+ help students stand out from the crowd of applicants, but it also has features that help you manage the process of ranking your favorite candidates. With the easy-to-use dashboard, residency coordinators can familiarize themselves with applicants prior to selecting them for an interview and mark favorite applicants for further consideration. As you get to know candidates better during the interview process, you can make notes within the system so that all program feedback is in one place. This both streamlines the process and helps ensure that you’ll find the ideal candidate to fit the requirements and unique culture of your residency program.

Your Dashboard is an organized database to see all applicants who’ve applied to your program.

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View Applicant Profiles
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Favorite or Accept Stand Outs
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Make Notes for Reference

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